RHS Tatton Flower Show 2016 – A feast for the senses!

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First Impressions; Flora reports on her first ever visit to the RHS Tatton Flower Show

This year’s flower show at Tatton was as impressive as one would imagine, with over 80,000 visitors over the course of the week. I visited on the final day of the show and was delighted by the range of gardens on display. Great attention to detail was evident at every corner with everything set up perfectly. It was a feast for the senses! I especially loved the fact that there were so many sources of inspiration; for keen gardeners, landscape designers, builders or anyone that enjoys beautiful things relating to the home or outdoors. Not only were there a dazzling array of show gardens, but various garden structures, art installations and furniture was also on display. Above all, I saw how gardening can be elevated to an art form given the right amount of care and attention.















Although everything at the show was impressive, a few things really stood out to me. The flower displays inside the marquees exhibited a huge variety of excellent specimens of every colour imaginable, all beautifully displayed against black backdrops. Orchids, cacti, bromeliads, the full spectrum of cultivars within each different plant species in one place was mind blowing. Having access to plants that you normally wouldn’t find at your local nursery was a real treat. And because I went on the last day, there was a chance to snag some real bargains!

My favourite bit was definitely the edibles section. I could tell that a lot of passion goes into the growing of the fruit and veg! The displays reminded me of still life paintings. It was like a beauty pageant for vegetables where the biggest, most colourful and most perfectly shaped vegetables get the prize.

Ideas to Take Away

After taking in all Tatton had to offer, there are a few things I’ve taken away from the event that I’d like to share with you. It was evident that this year’s colour scheme used of alot of golds, purples and lime greens, and with so many gardens on show, I’ve managed to get some fantastic inspiration. I was very much struck by the naturalistic planting style of many designers, clearly aimed at attracting wildlife. As this is something we tend towards at EAT Landscape, we’re glad to have seen it reflected at Tatton! There also seemed to be lots of gardens using weathered materials to ornament, another key trend this year.




On a Final Note…

A lot of love and hard work went into the creation of each display and plant preparation and the experience of seeing it all was brilliant and spotting a group of bucks on the way out within the beautiful Tatton grounds designed by Repton was the perfect conclusion to a wonderful, colourful day.



I’m so glad I didn’t pass up on the opportunity to go to Tatton this year and I can’t wait to go again in 2017.


Photography by Flora Menager

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