This English cottage garden in Woolton, Merseyside was designed for clients looking to add vibrancy and elegance to their existing space, which lacked colour and was underused.

Retaining the existing lawn for entertaining with family and friends and the occasional game of cricket, the surrounding garden was remodeled with softly curving arcs and oval shapes and a palette of bright, hot colours and spring flowering bulbs.

The new layout created the perfect opportunity for two new focal points, the addition of an herbaceous, serpentine border with pastel hues and a spiral shaped, fragrant herb garden.  These features are a delight to wander round through the different seasons, to discover which plants are in bloom.

The addition of a circular seating area invites a panoramic view of the garden, from the bright and vivid flowers of the ‘hot border’, to the vertical lines of the white obelisks in the serpentine border, wrapped with climbing roses.

The clients are delighted with their new garden, a stylish outdoor extension in keeping with their beautiful home.


Landscape Contractor – Remodel Landscaping

Construction budget – Approx. £12,000