We were asked by our client, a retired gentleman and keen gardener, to transform a herbaceous border that lacked colour and variation. The brief was to create a colourful border with good seasonal interest and provide the client with freshly cut flowers for his home.

The client asked for our advice on suitable plant species and the best layout to use for the new border. We produced a drawing illustrating our ideas for the border design and photographs of the proposed plant palette. As the client was widening his patio, this gave us the perfect opportunity to re-use some of those existing plants in the new border and as well as selecting some new plants to re-fresh the border. We sourced all the new plants, on behalf of the client using Ladybrook Nursery, Bluebell Cottage Gardens & Nursery and David Austin Roses. As the plants arrived, we were on-site to set them out according to our design and then the client’s experienced gardener planted them all.

As the pictures show, the plants were chosen within the colour scheme of whites, pastel blues, dark purples and pinks with yellow flowering species used for early spring and late summer warmth. Overall, we used 15 different plant varieties in the border design, with the key varieties including Rosa ‘Darcy Bussell’, Sedum telephium ‘Purple Emperor’, Echinacea ‘Sunrise’, Persicaria bistorta ‘Superba’ and Lychnis coronaria ‘Alba’, pictured above.

Topiary box balls are a striking feature of the new border and create evergreen structure, to ensure the border retains its vitality during the winter. These will be pruned into Tudor Cone shapes (tear drops) over time and are placed at the end of the border, to mark the location of the pathways to the lawn.




Photography by Flora Menager

© 2016 Copyright Flora Menager