A Sefton Park Allotment; Following in the English Tradition

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This month Emily and I were excited to visit and learn more about our friend Helen’s Sefton Park allotment, in the leafy suburbs of Aigburth, Liverpool.  On entering through the main gates, the woodland canopy above you and the sound of birds and wildlife really make it feel as though you are entering a secret and special place.


Now in its 11th year of development, Helen’s amazing plot is home to nearly 90 different types of plants.  In a typical year Helen grows 50 types of fruiting vegetables and 15 types of herbs!  The first impression is of a welcoming entrance near the greenhouse beyond, which beckons the visitor onwards to a sea of flowers amongst two nooks created by two delightful benches.  From here, the eye extends to a long rectangular bordered by two equally between equally wondrous plots on either side.


Though it is still early in the growing season, there is a wide range of both edible plants and ornamental flowers on the plot, which seem to delightfully merge into one another, creating a cohesive whole.

























Helen’s plants are mainly sourced from swaps with fellow plot holder in the allotments.  On this visit, we were able to spot the following species;


  • Tomatoes, melon, grapes and various vegetable seedlings in the greenhouse;
  • Peas, rhubarb, tomatoes, melons, artichoke, apples, strawberries and gooseberries in the productive planting beds;
  • Aquilegia, roses (that came with the plot), clematis, gladioli, wild garlic in the flower beds…. Just to name a few!



















Although Helen is the primary care taker of the plot it is a family affair.  Her partner lends her a hand in the gardening duties and her young son loves to play, digging being his favourite activity as well as listening to the radio and swinging on the neighbour’s swing.  Helen is in the process of building him his own wigwam too!


As I’m always fascinated to learn how people were introduced to gardening, having strong childhood memories of my grandfather’s garden in France, I was surprised to learn than Helen’s passion stems from a similar association.  Two significant memories have fuelled her passion for gardening.  The first being her memories of visiting her grandfather’s very tidy garden.  The other is of her Mother’s garden where she was not expecting much on a particular spring day, but to her surprise found a richly-coloured and bright space full of beautiful plants when she entered the garden.  In this regard, we can really say this has been a family inspired passion that continues to be passed down!
















For more information on the Sefton Park Allotments please see link below:

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